Sustainable development that generates value to your business

The electric power industry has undergone great transformations throughout the world. The participation of renewable energy sources, especially solar and wind, has grown significantly, contributing to the achievement of the environmental goals Brazil has committed to in the Paris Agreement, a global climate action plan led by the UN.

At AES Tietê, we believe that our operations must go far beyond generating energy. While the renewable energy market is growing and consolidating, we anticipate and guide our focus to a sustainable, secure, high-reliability, low-cost energy matrix.

This is a new time, in which we look at the business from the customer’s perspective, which becomes more empowered and demanding in relation to the energy being consumed, in order to offer and enable the best solutions and partnerships in low-carbon electrical energy.

Sustainable Strategic Planning

We consider the economic, social and environmental impacts of the activities we develop to avoid or reduce possible risks that may affect our stakeholders and, in particular, to maximize their benefits. This involves planning, investing in new technologies, new business models and strategic partnerships.

Our goal is to achieve 50% of our EBITDA by 2020, with businesses not related to hydroelectric power, aiming at reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and mitigating the hydrological risk of our operations.

Value Generation Model
We believe that our success will only last if it generates value for everyone. Thus, we seek to demonstrate how we transform inputs and create value in different types of capital to all parties we have relationships with.

Check our value generation model below:


New generation sources
Our contribution to the new moment of the electric power industry will be the expansion of our installed capacity through renewable sources such as wind and solar and thermal sources from natural gas.

Sustainability for your business

We are the first Brazilian company to operate the commercialization of I-REC –  renewable energy certificate. With this international certificate, your company can evidence the purchase of renewable energy, with lower carbon emissions. Our goal is to add even more value to your business and be your primary partner in innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

Mãos na Mata

With the Mãos na Mata forest recovery program, we have the goal of recovering more than 3,400 hectares in the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado regions, in the next 13 years. Through our partnership with SOS Mata Atlântica, we are one of the largest reforestation programs for native trees in Brazil. Your company can be our partner in this initiative and obtain important benefits, such as:

– Compliance with mandatory or voluntary compensation demands due to the environmental impacts of your company’s operation;
– Availability of area for planting in the state of São Paulo;
– Better use of the potential of the reforested area with high-quality native seedlings;
– Specialized technical support from agronomic and forestry engineers;
– Regular monitoring of the planting process, locally or remotely, through satellites and drones;
– Tax benefit when deducting the tax due from the IRPJ (Company Income Tax) calculation base.

Learn more on http://maosnamata.aestiete.com.br/

We are signatories of the UN Global Compact, acknowledged by Abrinq Foundation as a child-friendly company and committed to the  UN 2030 Agenda.

In our Declaration of Commitments on Human Rights, we express our commitment to guarantee the basic rights of all people we have relationships with, through practices that are inclusive and value diversity.

We have also signed the  Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) promoted by UN Women and by the United Nations Global Compact.

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To learn more about our sustainable development strategy, check our 2019 Sustainability ReportAnd if you would like to know more about our initiatives and news related to sustainability, visit www.aesbrasilsustentabilidade.com.br.