Recovering more than 3,400 hectares in the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado regions

What is it?

The reforestation program is an initiative created to revitalize the regions of the Atlantic Forest and the Cerrado, through the program Mãos na Mata. We offer the client the space for reforestation around the reservoirs of AES Tietê, delivery of the seedlings and the monitoring of the areas.

Since 2000, more than 3,000 hectares have been reforested through various initiatives. In addition, AES Tietê intends to reforest another 3,400 hectares until 2029.

Who may benefit from this?

For businesses that have an impact on the environment and have goals and challenges related to Sustainability. For more information go to: http://maosnamata.aestiete.com.br 

What are the main advantages of this solution?

  • Improving water quality

  • Formation of ecological corridors

  • Soil erosion protection

  • Increased biodiversity of flora and fauna and carbon sequestration

  • Contribution to minimize the effects of global warming

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