A potential path to energy autonomy

What is it?

Microgrid is a smart, independent and reliable grid that allows the integration, management and optimization of the use of energy resources of your company. This system is completely modular and adaptable to your needs.

How does it work?
The microgrid controller system integrates and manages all sources of generation, storage and power consumption points. Acting autonomously, the system thoroughly analyzes how your company consumes energy and offers the best solution for each need. For example, a customer who has a solar generation and a power storage system can have this system optimized so that solar energy is stored and dispatched at peak hours if it is more cost-effective.

The microgrid can operate either connected to the electrical grid of the local distributor or in an isolated way, that is, totally independent of the electrical grid.

What are the main advantages of this system?

  • Cost-effective, safe and reliable

    Cost-effective, safe and reliable

    Monitoring of energy consumption in real time, avoiding waste and reducing energy costs.

  • Efficiency


    The management of your company’s energy resources is carried out by you with the support of an intelligent software. We may also perform the whole operation for you.

  • Smart


    The most appropriate energy source will be activated according to the demand or cost-effectiveness.

  • Integration


    It integrates and optimizes all your sources of generation, energy storage and consumption points.

Why AES Tietê?

  • End to end Solution

    End to end Solution

    Turn-key microgrid solution and its operation (software, equipment, design, services engineering, deployment and operation).

  • Customized optimization

    Customized optimization

    It optimizes the energy resources according to each profile of consumption.

  • Integration


    It integrates generation solutions with scalability.

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