Large-Scale Renewables

Large-Scale Renewables

Is there anything more sustainable than consuming energy from your own renewable power plant?

What is it?

Large-scale Renewables is a method in which all the consumer units of your business unit can be supplied through a renewable source (wind or solar) and the energy generated can be exclusively used by your business or shared with other consumers.

What are the main advantages of this system?

  • Custom-made project

    Custom-made project

    The renewable power plant is custom-made for the generation needs of each costumer.

  • Renewable energy guarantee

    Renewable energy guarantee

    This form of energy avoids emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere because the energy comes from clean and renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind. The customer benefits from intangible advantages, such as gains in image and reputation, by relying on the use of renewable energy in its portfolio.

  • Project financed and with discounts in the use rate of the distribution system

    Project financed and with discounts in the use rate of the distribution system

    The project can be designed without needing an initial investment by the customer. The customer takes advantage of a 50% benefit in the use rate of the distribution system (TUSD – Tarifa de Uso do Sistema de Distribuição) for using renewable energy. We ensure the system’s generation and you only pay for what the plant generates.

  • Predictability of energy costs

    Predictability of energy costs

    The customer benefits from the predictability of costs when counting on the long-term energy supply.

Why AES Tietê?

  • Global Company

    Global Company

    20-year market experience

  • Custom-made solutions

    Custom-made solutions

    Integration of energy services and solutions

  • Asset management expertise

    Asset management expertise

    We are the first company to receive the PAS 55 certification – International Asset Management Certification, in Latin America.

  • Great experience in large-scale projects

    Great experience in large-scale projects

    Assessment, project, financing, implementation and maintenance through long-term agreements

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