Gas Cogeneration

Gas Cogeneration

Energy self-suffiency and operational savings

What is it?

Cogeneration is a process that allows the simultaneous production of two or more forms of energy from a single fuel. The most common process is the production of electricity and thermal energy by using natural gas or biomass.

What are the main advantages of this system?

  • Reliable


    In addition to offering more than one power source, it may work as a backup power source.

  • Cost-efficient


    Reduction in the total costs of energy by ensuring a solution for several end uses.

  • Sustainable


    Reduction of environmental impacts due to lower emissions of pollutants and CO2 compared to other sources of energy.

  • Custom-made


    This solution is designed and custom-made for the customer so that it is suitable for its end uses.

Why AES Tietê?

  • From diagnosis to maintenance

    From diagnosis to maintenance

    AES Tiete offers cogeneration solutions with the best equipment on the market, from end to end: from diagnosis to maintenance.

  • Specialized teams

    Specialized teams

    We have local and remote teams specialized in the operation and maintenance of your cogeneration plant.

  • Turn-key Solutions

    Turn-key Solutions

    We offer turn-key solutions with the business model of leasing equipment, eliminating upfront costs for the customer, and selling equipment.

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