Energy Comercialization

Freedom to choose from whom you buy your energy

What is it?

Free market or free-trade environment is a setting for buying and selling energy where conditions and prices are defined directly with the customer.

How does It work?

RCE - Regulated Contracting Enviroment (Regulated Market)

Energy contracting in the Regulated Market is performed between the captive consumer and the distribution concessionaire to which the consumer is connected.


This method of contracting does not allow price negotiation, that is, each consumer unit only pays one monthly energy bill, including energy distribution and generation services, with rates established by the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL – Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica).

FCE - Free Contracting Environment (Free Market)

The energy free market is a business environment where sellers and buyers can freely trade electric power with each other. This allows industrial and commercial consumers to contract their energy supply, negotiating price, terms and commercial conditions directly with generators and marketers. By contracting energy in a customized way, the activities become more competitive.


The negotiation must comply with the trading rules established by the Electrical Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE – Câmara de Comercialização de Energia Elétrica). Each consumer unit pays a bill referring to the distribution service to the local concessionaire (regulated rate) and one or more bills referring to the purchase of energy from the generator or marketer (negotiated contract price).

What are the main advantages from the energy free market?

  • Cost reduction

    Cost reduction

    Cost reduction is the main benefit, generating competitiveness to your products or services.

  • Cost forecast

    Cost forecast

    Better budget forecast for your company, since the price is predefined until the end of the contract (with adjustment related to the inflation), avoiding rate variations in the Regulated Market.

  • Free negotiation

    Free negotiation

    Choosing your energy provider and negotiating deadlines and conditions ensures greater performance and profitability for your business.

  • Single contract for several consumer units

    Single contract for several consumer units

    You sign a single contract for multiple consumer units through a compensation system that manages the spare energy and power outages.

  • Sustainability


    Energy contracting from renewable sources, such as small hydroelectric plants, solar and wind power plants contributes to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Who can benefit from this? Any industry or commerce that is connected through medium or high voltage, since attending to:

Free consumer




Spcial consumers have discount of 50% or 100% from the TUSD.

Units that reache the contrarcted demand of 500 KW.

Why AES Tietê?

  • Customized Studies

    Customized Studies

    We perform tailor-made studies to meet your needs and always offer the best contracting option.

  • Representation at CCEE

    Representation at CCEE

    We guide our customers in the adoption and modeling of consumer units in the Electric Energy Trading Chamber and we ensure support for regulatory issues, such as legislation changes and monitoring of public hearings and proceedings.

  • Energy management

    Energy management

    We design consumption strategies, offer better contracting period, short-term purchase and sale of energy and set parameters for seasonality.

  • Management reports

    Management reports

    We provide monitoring and performance reports, detailing monthly costs and comparing results between the regulated market and the free market.

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