Electric Power Infrastructure

Electric Power Infrastructure

More confiability in your energy installations

What is it?

The whole chain of equipment and materials through which the electric power flows in the premises of a company.

This infrastructure can be made up of a substation, primary cabins, kilometers of cables, branches and several other elements.


  • Electrical, Electromechanical and Civil Project;
  • Consulting;
  • Adaptation of the Billing Measurement System (Sistema de Medição para Faturamento – SMF) to the energy free market;
  • Construction, expansion and retrofit of substations;
  • Electromechanical assemblies;
  • Commissioning;
  • Design and construction of aerial and underground transmission lines;
  • Preventive, corrective and emergency maintenance of substations;
  • Remote and on-site operation and management of substations.

Why AES Tietê?

  • Complete diagnosis

    Complete diagnosis

    We perform a complete diagnosis to understand the energy consumption so that we can propose the best solution.

  • Expert advice

    Expert advice

    Knowledge of the technical aspects, the current regulation and the requirements of the energy distributors.

  • Complete portfolio

    Complete portfolio

    Provision of a complete and customized package of services and solutions for your project – from consulting to maintenance.


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