Energy Efficiency

Palácio dos Bandeirantes

Palácio dos Bandeirantes, named after the pioneers who expanded the Brazilian borders, it is one of the country’s most important public assets.

There, you can find collections that include the works of artists such as Portinari, Antonio Henrique, Djanira Motta e Silva, Aldemir Martins, among others. Several artworks can be seen in exhibitions on site, which also has areas such as “Salão dos Pratos” and “Galeria Governadores”.

Its importance for São Paulo is unquestionable. Considering an energy efficiency project was essential to help reduce public costs and set an example of the importance of conscious consumption as a way of reducing impacts.

In partnership with the government of the state of São Paulo and AES Eletropaulo, we implemented a project to modernize lighting systems and installed a Solar Photovoltaic Energy Generation Plant at Palácio dos Bandeirantes, thus increasing the energy performance of its facilities.

The project in numbers: replacement of lamps, reactors and light bulbs of low-efficiency lighting systems by efficient equipment.

– 1884 lighting units with T5 fluorescent lamp technology.

– Deployment of 262 photovoltaic panels with 310W each, covering an area of ​​500 m².

– Investment of R$ 1,285,000.00 through Energy Efficiency resources.

The project of the Photovoltaic Generation Plant will provide the following savings:

– Lighting System: 638MWh/year, equivalent to 212 households with consumption of 250KWh/month*

– Photovoltaic Panel: 92MWh/year, equivalent to 31 households with consumption of 250KWh/month*

*Consumption considering 3 residents per household