Ethics and Transparency

Ethics and Transparency

All our decisions and actions are guided by a strict standard of ethics and transparency.

Our employees follow all these principles and values, adopting a Code of Conduct to ensure integrity and ethics in all relationships with our stakeholders.

Get to know our guide of values here.

Corporate Governance is one of the fundamental elements of our value generation model.
We have adopted a decentralized management structure through a close relationship between shareholders, managers, independent auditors and the Supervisory Board, aligning our corporate policies and decisions. In addition to separating the responsibilities of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and the existence of a Reporting Channel, among other measures, each action is based on ethics and transparency.
You can find out more about the Corporate Governance agencies and its members here. Visit Corporate Information – Administration and Guidance.

Ethics is the utmost conduct when it comes to AES Tietê’s relationship with its business partners. As part of the Ethics and Compliance Program, before engaging in any business transaction, all risks involved in each potential business with partners, service providers or suppliers must be evaluated. The mapping of these risks is performed in accordance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law and all other applicable legal determinations and prohibitions.

AES Helpline is a confidential resource for AES personnel, contractors, business partners and other stakeholders to ask questions or report concerns about the AES business conduct. To ensure confidentiality, AES Helpline is managed by a third-party provider, EthicsPoint.
Toll-free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 0800-891-4167

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