AES in Brazil

AES in Brazil

We are always present in the daily lives of millions of people in Brazil and our mission is to provide safe, sustainable and reliable energy solutions for all.

Our Strategic Planning is designed to generate value for all our stakeholders through sustainable and innovative solutions.

In addition to AES Tietê, we currently have a gas thermal plant – AES Uruguaiana, and an energy distribution service company – AES Ergos.

AES Uruguaiana – a natural gas power plant in Rio Grande do Sul – was inaugurated in 2000. With an installed capacity of 639.9 MW – enough to supply more than 2 million homes, its activities were interrupted in April 2009, when Argentina faced a fuel shortage and cut off the gas supply. Its operations were resumed in emergency situations in 2013, 2014 and 2015, only for temporary periods.

AES Ergos offers a wide portfolio of services to energy distributors, which includes commercial service, with a specialized interface for stores and relationship channels, and technical assistance, such as execution of construction works, modernization and maintenance of the power grid. AES Ergos also operates in the transactional line and offers intelligence service for data segmentation, such as ads on energy bills and channels for distributor-customer interaction.

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